Reverend Kim Priddy, Pastor

Kim grew up in North Carolina and received a B.S. in Economics from University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She worked in the financial sector and married Brent in 1997 and soon after began their family. She holds a Masters of Divinity from Wake Forest School of Divinity.

Kim and Brent have three children; Ryan, Brad, and Kate. Their favorite times are those when they are together at the beach. Brent and Kim feel blessed to have raised their children in Greensboro.

My passion is for our church to fall in love with the God who created us, to grow in our faith, and that our faith lead us boldly to be the Body of Christ in our community.



  Andrew P. Bucior Jr., Music Director









Luke Klingstedt

Luke a first-year student at Wake Forest Divinity School. He graduated in May from the University of Oklahoma as a Marketing major with a minor in Religious Studies, and got engaged in July to his fiancé, Chloe. They will be getting married back in Texas next May.

In the past, he has worked for non-profits assisting food banks and worked with sustainable agricultural techniques. In addition to working with non-profits, he has led small group Bible studies and served in the worship services of the Episcopal church he attended during college.

He is excited to come alongside the staff and members of Sedgefield Presbyterian and help out where he is needed most. Some specific areas he intends to focus on are the young adult, youth, and children’s ministries. He loves seeing others get passionate about God, the church, justice, and Jesus and hopes to be able to instigate some of these passions in the current young adult and youth ministries.



Session Members

Class of 2018

Bruce Bingham

Fred Brown

Laura Campbell

Class of 2019

Zoe Dillard

Jim Gehling

Jef Morgan

Class of 2020

Gin Reid Hall

Gene Lester

Myra Montgomery


Sedgefield Presbyterian Church is so blessed to have volunteers who give of their time and talents for our church throughout the week in the our church office, on church grounds, and the beautification of our Sanctuary. We give thanks!